Netflix Has Launched ‘Game Handles’ – Its Own Version of Gamertags For Mobile Games

Netflix has announced game handles, which is its own version of Xbox’s gamertags and PlayStation’s PSN IDs.

With game handles, subscribers will be able to create a unique public username that can be used across all Netflix games. However, to set up a game handle, the streaming service instructs to download either Rival Pirates or Lucky Luna from the App Store for iOS. I downloaded the former and set up my gamer handle for the platform. On Android, the process appears to be much simpler – all it requires you to do is select the games tab in the navigation bar in the Netflix app and find a banner that says “Create your Netflix game handle”.

I downloaded Rival Pirates from the App Store onto my iPhone to create a game handle.
It appears that only certain games on iOS can let you create game handles.

Netflix says that game handles can help players “discover, make friends and play with each other.”

Sophia Yang, product manager for mobile games at Netflix said, “This feature is only the beginning in building a tailored game experience for our members around the world. We’ll continue to adapt and evolve our service to meet the needs of our members, but in the meantime see if you can beat me — I’m SophiaYang ˛in Dominoes Café.”

The company also launched two new games — Spongebob: Get Cooking and Desta: The Memories Between.

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