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Running it back

The Dark Souls III PC servers were back up, and now it seems they’re back down again. Players are reporting in, unable to access the game, and the social account has acknowledged a confirmed issue.

As noted by PC Gamer, speculation had started picking up yesterday on the Steam forums, where users were starting to have issues with the servers.

A new tweet from the Dark Souls brand account on Twitter notes that there is a confirmed issue with Dark Souls III online play, via the Steam platform.

“We are investigating the source of the problem and will inform you as soon as more details become available,” the update says. “Thank you for your patience.”

Rise again, Ashen One

The PC servers for Dark Souls III were off for quite a while. Users discovered an exploit in the Souls series that has kept its PC versions offline for most of the year. Online PC services only just recently came back online for Dark Souls III. The team behind the updates had previously said they were working on bringing services back for the other back-entries in the Souls series, but now it looks like Dark Souls III may need more attention.

Meanwhile, Elden Ring had the specific vulnerability addressed pre-launch and has been cooking along just fine. So for PC players, the only FromSoft multiplayer game in town is Elden Ring once again.

It’s a bummer, as each game has had its own meta-game and PvP communities. Numbers even seemed to jump up a bit for Dark Souls III after the fix was implemented.

Though no specifics have been given, hopefully this fix doesn’t take months like the others have. We’ll learn more as the Souls team works on getting the Dark Souls III PC servers back up.

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