Discord is adding forum channels now

Starting today, Discord will begin rolling out forum channels in community servers. Like the forums of old, Discord users will make forums for more specific discussions, and allow newcomers to see what’s being talked about before diving in. 

Over the years, forums have become slowly phased out to be replaced by the likes of Twitter and well, Discord, in order to foster game communities. This past summer, Gearbox Software closed down its forums and replaced them with specific Discords for its various game franchises. A feature like this allows for even more specificity for communities. 

While creating forums, server mods can restrict who can participate in a forum, whether it’s private, create guidelines and default reactions, and so on.  

“No more watching an interesting discussion get drowned out, hijacked, or abandoned because it went stale for a few hours,” wrote Discord. “Forum Channels let focused conversations thrive without hogging a channel…More than ever, every conversation has a place on Discord now.”

The addition of forum posts comes just a day after Discord had become integrated with Xbox, and is said to have similar integration with PlayStation later this year.

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