Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin looks like an ambitious open-world combat game

Ninja Gaiden and Nioh developer Team Ninja revealed a brand-new action RPG, Rise of the Ronin, on Tuesday during Sony’s State of Play livestream — and, boy, does it look ambitious. Rise of the Ronin is an adventure seven years already in the making, according to Team Ninja director and president Fumihiko Yasuda, and will take players to 19th century Edo period Japan for a combat-focused open-world journey.

“Here in this time of mayhem, you embody a Ronin character, a warrior bound to no master and free to make choices of its own,” Yasuda said in an announcement on the PlayStation Blog. “Rise of the Ronin is a new Team Ninja experience that will immerse you in an historically inspired world while bringing together its renowned combat action with Katanas and the likes, with new firearm weaponry that depicts the unique personality of its time period.”

Rise of the Ronin’s first trailer shows off plenty of spectacular action, with its (apparently nameless) Ronin gliding through the skies, engaging in acrobatic sword combat, using a grappling hook, and dispatching foes with bayonet and musket.

Rise of the Ronin is coming to PlayStation 5 as a console exclusive — meaning it’s likely to also come to PC — in 2024.

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