Spider-Gwen skin coming to Fortnite

The next big Season in Fortnite is right around the corner. Fortnite: Chapter 3, Season 4 is launching on September 18th, 2022, and a lot of it is still wrapped in mystery. That said, we now know at least one piece of content heading our way, and it’s one that should make Marvel fans quite happy.

The teaser image above is about as blatant as a teaser gets, so long as you’re someone familiar with Marvel. Without a doubt, that’s the hand of Spider-Gwen poking out of some sort of chromatic liquid. Marvel and Epic have worked together countless times for Fortnite collabs of all sorts, but this will mark the very first time Spider-Gwen makes her way to the game.

We don’t know if Spider-Gwen will be a skin anyone can purchase, a part of the Battle Pass, or something else all together. That said, I’m just happy to see Spider-Gwen arriving at all. She’s legitimately one of my favorite Marvel characters, along with one of the first series’ I started reading. There’s no doubt I’m picking up this skin when it comes along!

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