Monkey Island co-creator “can’t imagine” there not being another installment in the series

For a few weeks there, it seemed like Return to Monkey Island would be the end of the Monkey Island franchise. Even the game’s official website talked about the game as the ‘conclusion’ of the series. That news certainly made Monkey Island fans around the world quite sad, but now it seems like there could be a future for the franchise after this latest game.

While specifics weren’t discussed, Monkey Island co-creator Ron Gilbert mentioned in an Eurogamer interview that he “can’t imagine” there not being more Monkey Island games down the road. That said, there’s absolutely no discussion as to whether Gilbert and his co-creators would return to helm the project.

Of course, the future of the Monkey Island franchise could also come about through spin-offs. There has already been a host of spin-offs over the years, so more coming about isn’t that hard to believe. Again, nothing is official at this time, so only time will tell what’s lies ahead.

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