Disney’s new animated musical is about the Star its heroes are always wishing upon

Wish is Disney’s newest animated movie, which will dive into the origin of one of the studio’s most iconic characters — the magical wishing star.

Just kidding — kinda. The movie definitely draws inspiration from the whole “wish upon a star” motif that crosses over multiple films. It takes place in a kingdom where a young heroine named Asha wishes on a star asking for guidance. And lo and behold, much like in Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, a star (named Star) tumbles down to the kingdom of Rosas in order to help Asha out.

Wish will be done in a new style that appears to combine elements of watercolor with 3D animation. It will be a musical, with songs by Julia Michaels. Asha will be voiced by Anita DeBose, who played Anita in the 2021 West Side Story, while Disney veteran Alan Tudyk — known for voicing a plethora of animal sidekicks like Moana’s Hei-Hei and Raya and the Last Dragon’s Tuk Tuk — will continue his legacy as a goat named Valentino. And apparently, the movie will have a lot of Disney Easter eggs, if that’s your thing.

The movie will be directed by Frozen director Chris Buck and Raya and the Last Dragon story artist Fawn Veerasunthorn. Wish is set to come out in November 2023.

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