PlayStation’s Jim Ryan Miffed by Microsoft’s Proposal To Not Push the Exclusive Tag on Call of Duty for Three Years

PlayStation head Jim Ryan is unhappy with Microsoft’s offer to keep Call of Duty for three more years following the conclusion of the agreement between Activision and Sony.

In an interview with, the PlayStation chief replied to the comments made by Xbox head Phil Spencer, who expressed the company’s desires to keep Call of Duty on the blue side for several more years. (via The Verge)

With Xbox acquiring Activision Blizzard, fans are wondering whether franchises like Call of Duty and many others will become exclusive to the green side.

<p>Activision's highly popular shooter title attracted a ton of fans and detractors, with most of the negative qualms surrounding around the single player mission titled
Will Call of Duty become an exclusive Xbox franchise?

In his statement, Ryan revealed that Spencer offered to keep Call of Duty for three more years, once the agreement between Sony and Activision and Sony ends. The head of PlayStation claimed that Microsoft’s offer ignores the impact the lack of Call of Duty will have on gamers outside the Xbox realm.

As Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision continues to be investigated by regulators around the world, Sony have clamored about Xbox’s efforts to snatch the Call of Duty experience from PlayStation owners. And while Xbox has claimed to have had no plans to put the exclusive tag on the famed FPS franchise, Jim Ryan’s recent statements say otherwise.

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