Overwatch 2 leak indicates new heroes will be locked behind premium battle pass

A premature update was posted on the official Overwatch 2 Battle.net page revealing new details about the upcoming game. This update has since been removed, but we were still able to learn some new things from it.

The biggest reveal here is that new heroes introduced to the game will no longer be available to all players at the same time. Instead, owners of the game’s Premium Battle Pass will have first access to those characters, while others will have to do without until they’ve managed to unlock them via the free battle pass track. Of course, they could also pay for them separately in order to save time. This would be a big shakeup to the game’s meta, and certainly create an imbalance between paying and non-paying players.

The leak also indicates that the new support hero named Kiriko will be the next hero added to the game. Kiriko has been seen in some game materials and trailers already, but this would be the first confirmation of her being available next in the lineup.

While fans have been reacting to this news, John Spector of Blizzard took to Twitter in order to reassure people that there are more details coming on this front. He stresses that heroes will still be attainable via free methods.

Whether or not this response or any upcoming details will be enough to make existing fans happy is difficult to say. Overwatch 2 will be an ongoing game that will undoubtedly change as time goes on. For now, we’ll have to wait until more official details are revealed to see how things play out.

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