Beast Breaker developer Vodeo Games announces closure

Developer Vodeo Games has announced on Twitter that it’ll be shutting down. The company explained that it’s been unable to get funding for its next project, and has been forced to shut down.  

“We have some sad news to share: there will be no new Vodeo Games,” wrote the developers. “There is simply no Vodeo without our incredible team.” 

Vodeo was founded in 2019 by Threes! creator Asher Volmer. Its debut game, Beast Breaker, released last year. The studio was also notable in that same year, it became the first game developer in North America to create its own certified union. Since then, developers of varying sizes have successfully formed unions of their own, or are trying to.

The Vodeo Workers Union’s official Twitter explained that bargaining efforts ceased once it became clear that the studio would no longer be around. Even so, the union added that it “learned a lot, & we will continue fighting for workers’ representation moving forward by helping others & sharing our knowledge.” 

“To our fellow game workers out there with public campaigns, in the middle of bargaining their first contract, or just starting to discuss unionization with their co-workers: we see you, and we support you.”

Before Vodeo closes, the developers said its “final efforts” will go into securing a Steam release for Beast Breakers.

“We hope that the Steam release will bring our creation to many new players,” continued Vodeo, “and continue to support our team even as we all go our separate ways.”

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