Sakurai’s YouTube success points to him living his best life

We wished it to happen, and it was so

Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube channel is chugging along since it launched just nine days ago, and now he’s amassed nearly one million subscribers already.

Having watched every video so far, it’s easy to see why! Sakurai is essentially bringing a game development boot camp to the masses, with his signature calm and easy-going approach. He’s touched on topics such as accessibility, technical considerations, design mechanics, and game philosophy.

At the time of publication, here is how his YouTube situation is going:

Below are a few of the videos Sakurai’s YouTube channel has shared since our last update. I’ve been checking back in daily! The bite-sized format is such a great way to end the day.

Risk and Reward

In this video, Sakurai uses the ever-popular game Space Invaders to illustrate the concept of risk and reward, and how a careful balance of both can lead to a more engaging experience.

Game Development Isn’t a Game

In the vein of many, many GDC and DICE-esque talks (albeit with his signature light touch), Sakurai warns folks that making games isn’t always fun and games.

Down with Lag!

In a segment called “grab bag,” Sakurai talks about miscellaneous topics: this one deals with response time and input delay in a more digestible, less technical format. It also has a nice little anecdote about how he was shocked at the amount of lag during a live Nintendo game demonstration!

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