PlayStation VR2 will be easier to develop ports for, says Sony

During a recent talk at CEDEC 2022 spotted by IGN, developers for Sony’s PlayStation VR2 talked about how it’s has been made with ports in mind. Since it uses the same SDK as the PlayStation 5, the upcoming VR system should allow for developers to make VR ports of already existing PS5 games easier than before. 

Though the original PSVR has sold pretty well since 2016, Sony’s made clear that it wants the PSVR2 to be more of an equal to the PS5 rather than a niche product, hence the desire for triple-A games to eventually support VR. PS5 games being easier to port would certainly help in that regard.

Development tools such as VR trace will allow developers to use capture and replay applications to diagnose automatically detected issues. The SDK will also use dummy data for eye and tracking results to make development possible without the need of connecting a VR headset.

Additionally, the production environment for the PSVR2 will support the Unreal and Unity engines. For developers porting games from another VR platform to PSVR2, or vice versa, the controller interface and button placement has been reworked to be more in line with other headsets.

Further improvements include sample programs for the headset’s force feedback that’ll create vibrations based on what’s being seen or heard. For developers of action or stealth-focused games, such a tool will be invaluable for footsteps and gunshots. 

Sony making the PSVR2 an easier product to get behind doesn’t just go for the developers. Its headset will feature a new interface at launch for players, including a see through view and creating a boundary zone to help players move around the real world and avoid damage to their shins. 

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