‘F*** Cancer’- Lazarbeam, Pokimane, Ludwig, and Others Pay their Respects to Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade

The most unfortunate event has just transpired in the Minecraft community. One of their leading content creators has just passed away while battling cancer. Technoblade had a glorious career on Youtube, he amassed more than 10 million subscribers and was one of the most celebrated Minecraft content creators on YouTube. He was also known for his unrivalled skill in the PVP combat mode in Minecraft.

The news was provided to the fans with one last video on his Youtube channel where his father relayed a heart touching message from the popular YouTuber. The entire YouTube and streaming community have come together to offer their condolences for the massive loss to the creators community. Popular names in the industry such as Lazarbeam, Pokimane, Ludwig and more have expressed their views about the situation on Twitter:

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