Chris Hemsworth Already Has Plans to Stop Playing Thor Before It Is Too Late

Chris Hemsworth, who is gearing up for the release of his fourth Thor movie—the most any character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has received—says that he already has plans to stop playing the part of the Greek god if it doesn’t feel right to him. The Thor: Love and Thunder star is more than happy to play the titular character as long as there’s something new that hasn’t been done already. Speaking to Total Film, Hemsworth said that he doesn’t want to overstay his welcome at the party and highlighted what it would take for him to play Thor again:

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige added that there’s a possibility of exploring the many other Thor stories from the comics:

While Feige seems to be looking forward to seeing more of Thor from Hemsworth, the actor has made it clear that he’d only be up for future projects if they don’t strike to him as something he’s done before already.

Thor: Love and Thunder will release in India on July 7, before the film opens in the United States on July 8.

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