EA CEO Andrew Wilson’s annual pay drops by $20 million

EA boss Andrew Wilson was paid $19.9 million during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, marking a decrease on the $39.2 million he received the year prior.

As noted by Axios, the drop comes after shareholders voted against sizeable pay increases for executives at the FIFA and Battlefield publisher.

Wilson was handed a $30 million stock grant in 2021 but received a lower — if still multi-million dollar – stock grant of $18 million for the 2022 fiscal year.

Outlining the “enhancements” made to its executive compensation program in an SEC filing, EA noted that Wilson’s equity award for the 2022 fiscal year was 40 percent lower than the target value of his 2021 equity award.

“We reiterated our commitment to not grant any special equity awards to named executive officers through at least the end of fiscal year 2026 and confirmed that this commitment applies to enhanced annual equity awards,” wrote the company.

“Further, the target value of Mr. Wilson’s fiscal year 2022 equity award was 40 percent lower than the target value of his fiscal year 2021 equity award, and there was no increase to the target value of his fiscal year 2023 equity award from his fiscal year 2022 target value.”

Although Wilson’s received significantly less equity, the long-serving CEO’s base salary rose by 3.2 percent to $1.3 million in recognition of his “performance and contributions” during the previous year.

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