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It’s no ‘Indestrucible’, but then nothing is

Music has always been an important part of fighting games — from setting the tone, to providing the backbeat of the fight, to being dynamically controlled by the in-game action, perhaps best realized in the excellent 2012 fighter, Killer Instinct. And so, the reveal of a new fighting title’s theme song is something of a big deal, as it often reflects the entire vibe and aesthetic that will form the core of the game’s mood.

Capcom has partnered with legendary music mag Rolling Stone to debut the full version of the official theme song to Street Fighter 6. “Not On The Sidelines”, performed by artists Rocco808 and Randy Marx, is an aggressive hip-hop track that reflects not only Street Fighter 6‘s “back to the streets” approach to the franchise, but also emphasizes competition and the desire to overcome all obstacles to become the best on the block, reminiscent of the halcyon days of arcade centers and queues of quarters.

Of course, it’s music, and as such it Will Not be For Everyone. Y’all know how old yer boy is — back in my day musicians didn’t have numbers in their names… Maybe 808 State… oh, and Jurassic 5… oh, and Level 42… and Haircut 100. But I digress. You can check out Not On The Sidelines right now over on the official Rolling Stone page. (The video was also unofficially re-upped to YouTube by user Sakura buff when.) The track is not yet available for purchase.

Street Fighter 6 launches 2023 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. You can also check out our thoughts on its new protagonists, and read all about the supposed roster leak right here.

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