Arcane: Bridging the Rift shows the making of Netflix’s animated series

Arcane is getting a special behind-the-scenes series that will be exclusive to YouTube. Riot Games and Netflix announced Arcane: Bridging the Rift on Wednesday during the streaming service’s Geeked Week event. The series will include five episodes, broadcast weekly on YouTube, and will follow the making of the hit animated series. Bridging the Rift will premiere on Aug. 4.

Bridging the Rift will focus on Riot’s relationship with Fortiche Productions, the animation studio behind the series, and how the two teamed up to bring the world of League of Legends to life and create the animated series’ unique story, characters, and style.

Fortiche Productions is a French animation studio that has worked with Riot Games on League of Legends projects since 2014’s Get Jinxed music video. Shortly after the release and success of the first season of Arcane, Riot made a significant investment in Fortiche, officially bringing the studio in as an animation partner.

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