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Rush, Rush, Shift into Overdrive

CyGames has released its previously teased major update for attractive fighter Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Now available on both PlayStation and PC platforms, Update 2.80 adds three major new mechanics to the super-stylish and surprisingly sexy anime ring rocker.

The first new mechanic, “Rush”, is a quick forward dash that can be activated at the cost of half of your SBA meter. The dash is strike-invincible just after startup, but can still be shut down by projectiles. The purpose of dash is to perfect the timing of the player’s advance in order to gain ground in the face of a heavy assault from the opponent. Think of it ala tactical rolls in The King of Fighters, except lacking projectile invincibility. Rush can also be linked with certain attacks in order to extend combos.

The second mechanic, “Backshift”, is similar to Rush except used as a retreat rather than an advance. A backshifting player loses half of their SBA meter in order to put some distance between themselves and their opponent. Backshift can also be performed out of knockdown in order to avoid highly offensive players from maintaining their momentum as you return to your return. As such, it is a handy tool for avoid meaties and some 50/50 guessing games.

The final new mechanic, Overdrive, is an all-in-one buff that can be activated once-per-round. Costing 100% of a filled SBA meter, Overdrive applies several upgrades to your character, including increased damage, increased chip damage, nullified incoming chip damage, faster overhead attacks, and “enhanced simple commands”. Overdrive lasts as long as your meter drains, and taking hits will speed up its reduction rate.

These three new additions definitely throw a cat among the pigeons that are the Granblue Fantasy: Versus‘ dedicated community. It has to be noted that the players were hoping for rollback netcode implementation, which clearly was not on the cards. Here’s hoping that update helps make the flow of the fight better than it has ever been.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is available now on PlayStation and PC.

Chris Moyse

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