Life is Strange developer Dontnod has rebranded as Don’t Nod

Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment has rebranded as Don’t Nod, presumably to remind people to talk a breath while uttering its moniker.

The French studio, which has also worked on titles including Vampyr, Tell Me Why, and Twin Mirror, said the visual rebranding will better reflect “who we are as a company today.”

Since being established 14 years ago, Don’t Nod has branched into game publishing and opened additional internal development studios.

The company now has around 320 employees in France and Montreal, and said there are six internal projects currently in development.

Commenting on its new look, the studio said it wanted to reintroduce the apostrophe and lob a space in for good measure to better reflect its self-assigned status as a “non-conventional” company.

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