Ubisoft skipping an E3-style showcase for June 2022

While June is usually a time when gamers can look forward to all sorts of E3-related coverage in June, this year is a bit different. E3 isn’t happening, but lots of devs and pubs are doing their own thing throughout the month. Normally Ubisoft would be included, but the company has since confirmed that they’re not hosting a show this month.

If you were looking forward to seeing what Ubisoft has lined up this year, you’ll have to wait until a bit later. Ubisoft announced that they won’t have an E3-style showcase in June, but they’ll have something to show later this year. This will likely be another ‘Ubisoft Forward’ event, which is very much like Nintendo’s ‘Direct’ series.

Whenever Ubisoft shares a date and time for their next showcase, we’ll be sure to give you the details.

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