Jez Corden Says Xbox Showcase Will Have Details on Starfield, Redfall, Avowed, Everwild, and Seven Other Games

The Xbox Bethesda Showcase event has generated enough hype before commencing the event on June 12, 2022. Their event has been a victim of some major leaks where people have revealed the number of studios that will be participating in the showcase. Another leak showed people that Xbox and Bethesda are reportedly working on more Disney Projects. The latest leak reveals even more information than we have already received.

The latest leak has been spotted by Idle Sloth on Twitter, a user that is well versed with all news related to Xbox. He spotted an intriguing conversation between Miles Dompier and Jez Corden which took place on the Xbox Chaturdays podcast. Through their conversation on the podcast, players learned about the 11 new titles that will be a part of the upcoming Xbox Bethesda showcase.

First game that Jez believes will definitely be showcased is Starfield, the anticipation, rumours and leaks about the game have been going on for too long and the players need some concrete piece of information from the developers regarding the game. Jez feels a gameplay trailer is needed for the audience to be able to “analyse and scrutinise” Bethesda’s upcoming flagship. This bit of information about the game will be much needed since the project has been further delayed to 2023.

He further adds by stating that it is possible that Xbox and Bethesda might release roadmap to inform the people about the projects in the pipeline. Jez feels Starfield, Redfall, Project Belfry, Pentament, Grounded 1.0, Next Big Sea of Thieves Update, Contraband, EverWild, Diablo 4, Project Midnight, and Avowed will be shown in the roadmap to have something for people to look forward too.

Miles Dompier states that he feels the delay for Starfield and Redfall was announced a month before the showcase so that people comes to terms with it. He feels that if this delay announcement was made after the showcase then that would’ve been catastrophic for the developers as all the attention would’ve gone towards the delay and the gameplay showcases would’ve been overshadowed.

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