TV Series Based on Taiwanese Horror Game Detention Is on Netflix Now

One of Red Candle Games’ horror projects has received a new adaptation. Detention: The Series went live on Netflix over the weekend.

Detention is a horror game made by Red Candle Games, a Taiwan-based developer that takes place in Taiwan during an era of martial law in the ’60s. Its depiction of real-life history made it one of the best games you might have missed in 2017, and the new Netflix adaptation looks to carry forward both the setting and the scares. It’s worth noting that this is different from 2019’s Detention, a movie also based on Red Candle Games’ Detention.

Red Candle Games has also confirmed on TWitter that it is currently working on its next game. The studio says it hopes it can share more info on what’s next soon.

Aside from Detention, Red Candle’s other game Devotion made news a number of times due to it being pulled from Steam. Devotion was taken off Steam following a backlash for “unintended materials” found in the game, mocking China’s president Xi Jinping.

Though Devotion has been preserved in collections, it remains unavailable for general purchase on storefronts like Steam. It seems like the studio is forging ahead anyways, with both a Netflix series out now and a new game in the works.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about what’s next for Red Candle Games soon. If you want to learn more about Red Candle Games and its developers, check out our profile of the studio from earlier this year.

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