Hundred Heroes will get a Nintendo Switch version

A hundred heroes, all on the go

The successor to the Suikoden series is headed to a portable system. Today, Rabbit & Bear Studios confirms that Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is coming to Nintendo Switch.

There had been questions about whether the RPG would make it onto Nintendo’s portable console. In a Kickstarter post, Rabbit & Bear addresses it, saying the studio wanted to “play it safe” and investigate options before fully committing.

No firm date has been set, though Hundred Heroes is targeting a 2023 launch last we heard. It was already confirmed for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. And now, today’s post locks in a Nintendo Switch launch for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes as well.

Rising up

The Kickstarter post from Rabbit & Bear Studios also includes some extra tidbits about the ongoing development of Hundred Heroes. The team shows off some new pixel art, like the lineup below, and also discusses some of the work it’s doing on those characters.

Much like Suikoden and its stars, many different characters will appear in Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes. They’ll fill different roles too, helping in more ways than just combat. There are party members with unique abilities and also “general” type characters, who work well on the field of battle.

But there are also managers and other helpers. Some characters might open up a shop, or supply the player with helpful services. Others, according to Rabbit & Bear, might just open up a fun side job. They’ll all be living in the town that acts as home base, and they’ll also go about their daily lives there.

We got a glimpse of that world in motion already too, as prequel game Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising launched a couple weeks ago. It sounds like a solid set-up for Hundred Heroes, and a pretty chill RPG altogether. As for Eiuyden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, we’ll just have to wait to hear more about when it will finally land.

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