Splatoon 3’s ‘Roller’ weapon class detailed

Squid Research Lab here, rolling out a report on rollers! These versatile weapons can lay down a wide path of ink on the ground or fling it forward for a more traditional attack. Warning: do NOT paint your apartment with one. (A “friend” lost their security deposit that way.)

Let’s take a look at the Splat Roller. This is an easy-handling roller that’s a great introduction to the “rolling life.” But make no mistake—it’s plenty capable, especially if you can master both horizontal and vertical swings.

For the advanced user, behold the Dynamo Roller! This heavyweight weapon swings more slowly than other rollers but offers more inkpower. Horizontal and vertical swings practically blanket the area with ink, making it a truly formidable flinger! And roller. It’s still a roller.

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