Among Us Vents Onto Nintendo Switch Today

Among Us, the unassuming party game that unexpectedly became a mega-hit thanks to Twitch, is now available on Nintendo Switch. The announcement of its console debut closed out Nintendo’s indie chowcase, where it was confirmed to be releasing today.

It’s a big get for Nintendo Switch. Among Us is a mainstay on Twitch’s most popular games list, currently sitting at over 100,000 concurrent viewers at the time of this writing. That’s better than FIFA, Valorant, Call of Duty, and several other major competitors.

Its premise is simple: Several color-coded crewmembers work together to complete tasks on a spaceship, but one (or more) of them is an imposter. The imposter’s goal is to blend in while killing crewmembers one by one, either by ambushing them through vents, or by cornering them when they’re alone. Upon discovering a body, crewmembers can come together to discuss who the imposter might be, cuing a round of wild lies and accusations.

Among Us has been around since 2018, but it didn’t see a major spike in popularity until mid-2020, when Twitch streamers started picking it up. Among Us memes very quickly became a staple in gaming circles, popularizing slang like “sus.” It proved so popular that Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez streamed it in October with several popular Twitch personalities, drawing more than 400,000 viewers.

Its arrival on Switch is reminiscent of Fortnite, which similarly experienced major success before eventually moving to console. With its simple graphics, cross-compatibility with PC and mobile, and heavy degree of customization—not to mention the Switch’s inherent strengths as a social party console—it’s pretty much a perfect fit for Nintendo’s platform.

Developer Innersloth is currently working on additional updates, making the Switch release the first salvo in what should be a steady drumbeat of Among Us content. If you haven’t played it, now is the time to get some friends together on Discord and try it out—there’s no better way to spend the holidays than venting your friends out an airlock.

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