Dying Light just turned its Enhanced Edition into a free upgrade

Including The Following and The Bozak Horde

While Dying Light 2 is out here talking about a years-long content roadmap, Techland has (at least) one more surprise for folks who are still into the original game. Dying Light 1‘s Enhanced Edition is a free upgrade today, and that’ll be the case going forward.

The Enhanced Edition comes with a story expansion, The Following — that’s the one with the buggy, pictured above, and it’s the true highlight — plus a few assorted DLC packs: The Bozak Horde, Crash Test Skin Pack, Ultimate Survivor Bundle, and Cuisine & Cargo.

While its name might suggest otherwise, The Bozak Horde is a series of stadium challenges, with trials like defusing hidden bombs, fending off specialized infected, and completing parkour feats. Cuisine & Cargo adds a pair of “hardcore” Quarantine Zones (a restaurant and railyard), while the other packs are about cosmetics and weapons.

Dying Light Enhanced Edition
An overview of what’s included in Dying Light Enhanced Edition.

How do you claim this stuff for free? With update 1.49, boot up Dying Light, choose “DLC Packs” on the main menu, and download away. No season pass needed!

Alongside this upgrade news, the developers have prepped a new Dieselpunk Bundle; for three bucks, you’ll get a chainsaw, SMG, and a “Flesh Ripper” saw blade.

Techland has also updated the game’s Be the Zombie PvP mode and demon-slaying Hellraid DLC, if you’re tuned into either of those. This final update includes “Deathbringer — the one and only firearm available in Hellraid.” It’s a shotgun, naturally. If you still need a copy of Dying Light, it’s $11.99 on Steam, and Hellraid is down to $4.99 right now.

With players sticking around for years, Dying Light has never drifted too far out of sight and mind — not even with a long-awaited sequel now in the picture. Setting the Enhanced Edition content free is the ideal way to cap things off. It’s been a great run.

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