Check out over 40 minutes of gameplay from Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports launches worldwide on April 29th, 2022…except for one lucky fan out there. Every once in a great while, someone will receive their pre-order for a game a few days before it’s set to release. That’s exactly what happened to the person in the video above.

YouTuber SupaDaBloopa wasn’t expecting his copy of Nintendo Switch Sports until Friday, but by a stroke of luck, the package arrived today. Not surprisingly, SupaDaBloopa jumped on the chance to record some gameplay of all 6 sports to share with the world. That gives us over 40 minutes of unedited gameplay prior to the game’s launch.

If you’re only interested in a few of the sports, the timestamps below will help you find what you’re looking for.

10:49 Volleyball
15:32 Badminton
19:38 Bowling
29:00 Soccer
37:02 Chambara
43:17 Tennis

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