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“With new characters and new stories”

Whether you’re into the main Borderlands series or not, plenty of us could pluck Tales from the Borderlands out of the Telltale Games catalog and consider it to be one of the best choice-based adventure titles. It turned out so much better than I excepted thanks to its funny writing and charm. Now, Gearbox is taking a crack at the spin-off with a new game.

Announced during PAX East 2022, there’s a new Tales from the Borderlands game on the way from Gearbox Software and publisher 2K. It’s coming out this year, surprisingly.

As the official tweet says, more details will be shared this summer — presumably at Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. There’s little to go on other than name recognition, but according to 2K, the game will star “new characters” and tell “new stories.”

While the Telltale that came up with the original Tales from the Borderlands is no more, we have seen the company name — and certain series like The Wolf Among Us — live on.

In this case, 2022’s Tales from the Borderlands game is developed internally at Gearbox Software, so while it will hopefully still capture what made the first game great, there are no guarantees it’ll be another fan-favorite standout. That said, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands turned out better than expected, so there’s some small hope it can win me over.

Honestly, no matter who’s developing it — or writing it, or voicing it — expectations would be high. For me, it was one of those lightning-in-a-bottle moments. If you never got around to playing Borderlands 3, it’s worth mentioning that Tales protagonist Rhys made a fairly significant appearance in the main story as the CEO of Atlas. So, Gearbox picking up Tales from the Borderlands in-house isn’t completely out of left field.

Between the main series, side projects, and the movie, Borderlands is busy earnin’.

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