Now that Mario Golf 64 is on Switch, you may want this old cheat code

This classic code unlocks characters and courses

Mario Golf joined the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack library this week, and if you’re in the mood to play Mini Golf as Metal Mario, you’ll have to be patient. It can be a pain to get everything and everyone unlocked — though, for some players, that’s the whole appeal of Nintendo sports games. Or you can just use this Mario Golf 64 cheat code.

Funny enough, I’ve been in the habit of consulting GameFAQs for most retro games that pop up on Nintendo Switch Online; the site is often a fun, nostalgic look back at what it was like to play this stuff on the original hardware. That said, I was always more of a Mario Tennis fan, so it took a suggestion from Reddit for me to peek at these particular cheats.

This Mario Golf 64 cheat code unlocks “almost everything,” and it still works.

Nintendo Switch Online Mario Golf 64 title screen

From the game’s title screen (pictured above), you’ll need to enter these inputs:


  • Down, Down
  • Left, Left, Left
  • Right, Right, Right

C buttons

  • C-Down, C-Down
  • C-Left, C-Left, C-Left
  • C-Right, C-Right, C-Right

This is all one continuous series of inputs, and if you did it right, you’ll hear a chime.

Mario Golf 64 characters
The cast of Mario Golf for Nintendo 64, minus the Game Boy Color characters.

Ordinarily, you’d have to challenge Mario Golf 64 characters one-on-one to get (most of) ’em on your roster. As for those final four empty character slots, pour one out for the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak; there was a Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf, too.

Struggling with the code?

If you’re using a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or Pro Controller instead of the traditional N64 gamepad, heads up, these inputs can be finicky with the Switch’s control sticks. I’d recommend using the D-pad for the first set, and the Y, X, B, and A buttons (while holding down the ZR button to turn them into directional C buttons) for the second set.

For those of you who haven’t played any N64 games via Switch Online and are wondering what I’m even on about here, you can either use the Switch’s right stick for the C buttons, or you can hold down ZR to turn the Y, X, B, and A into C-Left, C-Up, C-Down, and C-Right, respectively. You get used to it, but yeah, it’s a whole thing. The N64 controller is ideal.

Nintendo Switch Online N64 control scheme
A refresher on the Nintendo Switch Online N64 control scheme.

Don’t forget about alternate character colors

Oh, and one more tip. I either never knew this or completely forget it, but you can use the directional C buttons to choose alternate colors for the characters, some of which seem hilariously off-brand by modern Nintendo standards. Here’s a round-up, if you’re curious.

Alternate Bowser colors in Mario Golf 64
The default choice is perfectly fine until you see *all the cool alternate colors*.

Good luck with Mario Golf, by the way. It can be low-key infuriating!

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